Anonymous asked:

My boyfriend is very abusive. He made me leave any "cute" or "revealing" clothes at his house. I have to spend every dime on him or else I'm a "selfish bitch" when he doesn't even work and he wants to spend the money on booze. If I wanna hang out with friends, I'm a "cheating slut." I'm 16 and he is 22. I know it isn't good but he has moments occasionally where he is nice. He has beaten and raped me twice but I know I'll never be good enough for anyone to love so I stay. I dunno what to do...</3

i-will-wait-for-you-endlessly answered:

it’s pretty fucking obvious, you leave this dickhead and fucking report him to the police for physically and sexually assaulting you.

this is fucking serious. leave this piece of shit and fucking report him to the police right now. or else you’re giving him the chance to beat and rape other women in this world. You have the chance to stop him and save many other women from going through the same pain you went through, so please be brave and do the right thing.

And of course you deserve someone who will love you, you just havent found them yet and you certainly cant imagine a life with this scumbag can you? exactly. So leave him right fucking now